“I clearly remember the moment I took my seat in the small, daring and unconventional theatre in Helsinki, as the play was about to begin. I was sixteen at the time and felt quite lost in the world. The magic of the play, the performances and the experience as a whole, changed everything for me. That was the moment I knew that I needed to be on the stage, immersed in those great stories! However, it turns out it wasn’t in drama theatre that I found my place in the world, but in opera. The big, bold and crazy combination of music, theatre and stories suited me perfectly, and became my true love.

My love and fascination with this magical formula has not faded over the years, and I continue to journey, exploring new worlds within the luminous universe of opera.”


Upcoming performances

  • 26.8.
    Fricka, Walküre, Wagner, Cover
  • 15.9.
    Third Lady, The Magic Flute, Mozart, Finnish National Opera